Establishing a Jewish State

29 Nov

On November 29, 1947, this broadside announced the passage of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181—the historic decision that authorized establishing a Jewish state in Palestine.

“After 2,000 years, we’ve finally returned to the Land of Israel. Although we still have much to work for, we have attained the right to live Independently in a Jewish State for eternity. The two greatest empires—The United States and the Soviet Union, together with most nations in the world, stood loyal by us and helped to protect our rights as humans and as a country. Throughout history, it has been difficult to work together towards a common goal. But today, we are here to turn a dream into a reality. It would’ve been impossible to reach this day without our tireless dedication to the land. This is not the time to hold onto old grudges; This is the time to look towards a bright, illustrious future. But we must work hard to build our fledgling nation, despite the many obstacles ahead.”

See this historic broadside, published 65 years ago today . . .

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