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New Catalog & Recent Acquisitions

William Penn became the largest private landowner in the world when Charles II granted him the 45,000 square miles of what is now Pennsylvania in 1681. An early champion of religious freedom, Penn also was among the few Europeans to deal fairly with the original inhabitants of his lands. Nevertheless, his royal charter conflicted with earlier lands deeded to Lord Baltimore, prompting a survey that resulted in the iconic Mason-Dixon Line dividing Maryland and Pennsylvania. We have just posted a new catalog on our website with early Pennsylvania deeds and grants, important maps, and documents related to the border dispute.

You can view the online catalog here.
Additionally, we have added a number of other items to our website. Here are some highlights:
Thomas Paine’s First “Enlarged Version” of Common Sense 
Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its 
best state is but a necessary evil

Furious when his original publisher printed an unauthorized edition, Paine engaged a cross-town rival to print an expanded version of his Revolutionary pamphlet. Among the new content was Paine’s first use of the phrase, “the Free and Independent States of America.
#23049       $68,000
Andrew Jackson Discusses Politics, Family, and Horse Racing
An insightful letter from Andrew Jackson as president, discussing the official business of appointing a competent Indian agent, and then moving on to family matters, a discussion of horse racing, and rebuilding his recently-burned home, the Hermitage.
#23213.01     $9,500
A New Map of the United States Reflecting
the 1840 Census Returns and Westward Expansion 
This 1841 edition of the 1829 Tanner map shows considerable Westward expansion with particular detail of the Independent Republic of Texas.
#22139      $30,000
Grand Requiem March 
A beautifully-illustrated piece of sheet music memorializing the late president.
#22351.06     $295
The First Book of Detailed Road Maps to the New Federal Capital 
This rare guide, only the second American book of road maps, ties together three cities that served as early U.S. capitals: Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C. The authors note landmarks and points of interest, key buildings, and a description of the new federal city including notes on the Capitol and President’s House.
#21163.99      $14,000
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President’s Day


Regardless of their individual place in history, “President of the United States” is a very exclusive club. In honor of President’s Day, we are featuring inventory related to our greatest presidents as well as some presidents of more modest accomplishment. Be sure to see our signed portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt from his 1932 presidential campaign, an extremely rare William Henry Harrison document signed during his 30-day presidency, a Lincoln-signed military commission, a letter from Warren Harding praising America’s post World War I return to a peacetime economy, and a bronze plaque of Theodore Roosevelt featuring his famous “strenuous life” quotation.

All of these, and much more presidential material, can be found on our website,


John Adams Grants Two Tracts of Ohio Land to a Revolutionary War Veteran
Passed on June 1, 1796, An Act regulating the grants of Land appropriated for Military services, and for the society of the United Brethren propagating the gospel among the Heathen made accommodations to survey and sell land in the Northwest Territory. This particular act enabled the President to grant land in the Ohio Valley to former Continental Army soldiers for their service in the Revolutionary War.
#22734   $7,500


John Adams Agrees to Give Benjamin Franklin Guardianship Over a Boston Minister’s Grandson
The relationship between the United States and France takes a personal turn as Adams leaves a friend’s grandson in Franklin’s care.
#22884   $26,000


John Quincy Adams Signs a Patent for Improving Bellows
A handsome vellum patent document, signed by Adams as President, is accompanied by the inventor’s two-page description of his device.
#21830   $3,000

Andrew Jackson and the Fight for Florida
At the height of the U. S. diplomatic crisis with Spain over Florida, Old Hickory makes plans to return to combat in Florida while venting his rage against Treasury Secretary William H. Crawford.
#21944.99   $25,000

Van Buren Handles an Early Falklands Crisis
In this detailed letter, Martin Van Buren instructs the United States Chargé d’ Affairs to Buenos Aires to inquire into the Governor of the Falkland Islands’s warning U.S. fishing vessels to stay clear of valuable whaling and seal fisheries in the area.
#22216   $2,900


William Henry Harrison Signed as President—Extremely Rare
Harrison’s death from pneumonia after 3o days in office makes his tenure the shortest of all the presidents. Our current census finds fewer than 40 Harrison documents (including signed and unsigned letters, free franks, and clipped signatures) as president in any format, many of which are in permanent collections.
#22920   $145,000


Lincoln-Signed Military Commission
President Lincoln appoints Charles S. Stevenson of Indiana “Additional Paymaster” with this signed, vellum commission dated August 7, 1861.
#22382   $6,800

James Garfield Opposes “the Democratic Silver Scheme”
Congressman James Garfield writes to Samuel Ruggles, a New York lawyer, Canal Commissioner, and businessman regarding monetary policy. “We have thus far successfully resisted the Silver Scheme, but the Democrats renew the fight every day determined, if possible, to carry it through.
#22564.01   $1,500


Theodore Roosevelt Commissions a Captain
President Roosevelt  commissions John J. A. Clark as Captain in the Philippine Scouts, a group organized by the U.S. Army to combat the Philippine Revolution.
#22949   $1,500


Theodore Roosevelt’s “Doctrine of the Strenuous Life”: A Scarce Bronze Plaque Featuring One of His Most Famous Quotes
Roosevelt’s personal philosophy of life is cast in bronze under his profile portrait in bas relief, followed by a facsimile of his signature.
#22579   $1,750

Harding’s Return to Normalcy–and Isolationism–after World War I
Key political circular from the first-year Republican President, written to influence off-year elections in New Mexico and other places. Harding justifies, and praises, the rapid postwar dismantling of America’s military by Congress, while backhandedly criticizing the inattention of his predecessor—Woodrow Wilson—to the peacetime transition. “Vast expenditure without proper consideration for results, is the inevitable fruit of war.”
#21124   $2,600

Herbert Hoover Combats Starvation in Europe Before the U.S. Enters World War II
As honorary chairman of the National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies, the former president tries to rally support to aid the women, children, and destitute in those European nations affected by World War II and save them from the inevitable famine and pestilence that confronted them.
#22384   $750


Portrait of FDR, Signed and Inscribed by Roosevelt to Samuel Messer
This image of President Roosevelt was the official portrait for the 1932 campaign. It was drawn by Jacob H. Perskie, the photographer and portrait painter for FDR in the 1932 and 1936 presidential campaigns. It is inscribed to Samuel Messer was one of the largest stockholders of Quaker State Oil Refining Company.
#22467   $1,400

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